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9 Ways to Get the Promotion You Deserve

Presented by Allstate.

The Perfect Crime May Be Possible in Yellowstone Park

Jake Rossen

The park's "Zone of Death" could, in theory, allow a murderer to go free.

Letter From Studio Ghibli Explains the Mysteries of 'Spirited Away'

Michele Debczak

We finally know why Chihiro's parents turned into pigs.

Could Chickens Be the Mosquito Repellents of the Future?

Kate Horowitz

Scientists found that malaria-carrying mosquitoes avoided chickens and the smell of chickens, which might make the birds (or even just their odor) an effective repellent.

7 Spacecraft NASA Has Landed on Mars

David W Brown

The Viking I lander touched down on Mars on July 20, 1976. It was just the first of many NASA missions to the red planet.

J.K. Rowling May Have Saved the Time Train from 'Back to the Future Part III'

Anna Green

When Harry met Marty...

New Service Notifies You When Your Social Security Number Is Used

Anna Green

A new startup called Civic wants to make identity theft a thing of the past.

Couple Builds Eco-Friendly Castle in Romania Out of Straw and Clay

Andrew LaSane

The home will be used as a hotel and organic restaurant in the near future.

Bookworm Transforms Her Staircase Into a Literary Work of Art

Michele Debczak

Each step is a masterpiece.

10 Cats Who Were Famous Before the Internet

Kyla Cathey

These felines—explorers, war heroes, psychics, and political figures—were celebrated long before the internet.

Why Does My Skin Wrinkle in Water?

Autumn Spanne

Elderly Woman Defeats Mugger With a Pack of Bacon

Andrew LaSane

It turns out that bacon is both delicious and a useful tool in self-defense.

Adventurous Pug and Kitty Hike Across Spain

Kirstin Fawcett

Talk about a children's book in the making.

Explore the World's Art by Color, Subject, and More With Google's Museum App

Shaunacy Ferro

Want to explore every Surrealist artwork painted in blue? Just ask Google.

Infographic: The World's Most Bizarre Exports

Andrew LaSane

Canada exports $2.9 million worth of binoculars to Bahrain each year.