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Discover History's Coolest Women Who Are Missing From Wikipedia

Caitlin Schneider

... and the website that's trying to change that.

10 Portable Facts About the Walkman

Nick Keppler

A retired Sony exec wanted to listen to opera on international flights, and the Walkman was born.

Why The Manchineel is the Most Dangerous Tree in the World

Anna Green

Its fruit can make your throat close up, its sap causes blisters and blinding pain, and even its bark—when burned—can cause blindness.

Chewbacca Mom's Carpool Karaoke Video Won the Internet in May

Andrew LaSane

Late night show sketches dominate the internet according to YouTube's API.

5 Questions: The Longest Day

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

The World's Largest Nerf Gun Shoots Darts at High Speeds

Rebecca OConnell

The device launches massive darts made from toilet plungers and pool noodles.

Morning Cup of Links: The First Vampire Scare

Miss Cellania

Get your day started with these great links!

9 Alternative Methods of Transit For the Future

Christine Jun

When it comes to futuristic transportation, self-driving cars are just the beginning.

Ready to Become a 'Real' Adult? Answer These Questions First

Kirstin Fawcett

Can you afford college? Do you want kids? How will you spend your extra savings?

11 Numbers You Should Have on Speed Dial

Jake Rossen

When you really need a locksmith, you won't want to waste time looking for one.

Moscow Wants Its Own Hyperloop

Shaunacy Ferro

A Russian billionaire is financing studies into connecting the Hyperloop to Moscow's transit system.

8 Easy Energy-Boosting Snacks to Get You Through the Work Day

Presented by Allstate.

Why You Might Want to Wait to Wash Your Jeans

Anna Green

Regular washing has a real impact on the look and feel of the denim.

Ancient DNA Sequenced from ‘Sky Cave’ Burials in Nepal

Megan Gannon

“The big question we had was, ‘Who were these people?’ We didn't really have any idea where they came from."

Touching Money Makes Kids Less Helpful, According to Researchers

Anna Green

Researchers found that children were more successful at problem-solving tasks immediately after handling money—but they were also less willing to be helpful.