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Morning Cup of Links


A Bay Area Distillery Is Making Vodka With San Francisco Fog

Shaunacy Ferro

The distillery harvested enough mist to make 2400 bottles of vodka.

The Hilarious Tumblr Replacing Movie Guns With Selfie Sticks

Mental Floss UK

“Guns Replaced With Selfie Sticks” gives us the digitally replaced movie prop we didn't know we needed.

The Tasselled Anglerfish Is Devious in More Ways Than One

Kate Horowitz

The Australian fish relies on extreme camouflage and wiggles a fake worm attached to its head to lure its prey.

15 Happy Facts About 'Mad About You'

Roger Cormier

The award-winning series was pitched as what happens to a couple when "it's [just] you and your wife in the car."

Why Does Ice Make That Crackling Sound When You Pour Liquid Over It?

Stacy Conradt

Glaciers do the same thing, but on a much larger scale.

This Robot Designs Structures and Also Carves the Wood to Build Them

Michele Debczak

Why design a house yourself when you can program a robot to do it for you?

Elevate Your Spotify Playlists With Recordings of Robert Frost

Caitlin Schneider

Rediscover these famous works through the poet's voice.

19 Authors and Their Typewriters

Miss Cellania

Meet the lowly office tools on which masterpieces were born.

A Visual Tour of One of the Best Preserved Ghost Towns in America

Anna Green

In the short video “The Ghost Town Stuck in Time,” Great Big Story tours Bodie, venturing into its abandoned saloon, elementary school, and general store.

Add Color to Your Week With Lisa Frank-Inspired Cupcakes

Andrew LaSane

Follow this recipe to make a bright and tasty treat from scratch.

5 Questions: For "Sav"vy Readers

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Whimsically Shaped Teabags Make Teatime More Fun

Rebecca OConnell

Make teatime even more enjoyable.

Morning Cup of Links: Medieval Castle Under Construction

Miss Cellania

Start a great work week with some great links!

40 Excellent E-Words To Enlarge Your Vocabulary

Paul Anthony Jones

When someone stops what they’re saying to go back and change a word to an even stronger one (as in, “I’m very happy—no, ecstatic to be here”), that’s called "epanorthosis."

9 Unusual Prom Dates

Miss Cellania

Not everyone takes their girlfriend, boyfriend, or a classmate to the prom. Some people bring pineapples.