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Morning Cup of Links: The Year’s Best Microphotography

Miss Cellania

A round of great links just for you!

How Translators Adapted the 'Harry Potter' Series for a Global Audience

Kirstin Fawcett

Thanks to a lot of hard work and creativity, the books are now available in over 60 languages.

5 Questions: Drugstore Browsing Continued

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

9 Things No One Told You About Becoming a New Parent

Presented by Allstate.

A Luxury Treehouse Is a Glamper’s Dream

Shaunacy Ferro

The $380-a-night treehouse cabin in southern England features a personal sauna, a wood-burning stove, and more.

Keep Track of What Books You've Read With This Scratch Off Poster

Rebecca OConnell

Can you get through all 100 books?

7 Memorable Corgis From Pop Culture

Suzanne Raga

Meet Holly, Molly, Rufus, and more.

Forget Mavis Beacon: Self-Taught Typists Are Nearly as Fast as Touch Typists

Kate Horowitz

A study of trained and self-taught typists found comparable speed and efficacy in practical tasks like emailing.

8 Haunted Houses You Can Buy Right Now

Jake Rossen

If you've ever wanted to meet the ghost of a circus bear, do we have a deal for you.

Le Karnice, the Victorian Coffin Designed to Save Lives

Claire Voon

Fears of premature burial were rampant in the 19th century. A coffin designed by a count tried to come to the rescue.

Burrowing Echidnas Act as Natural Hoes

Kate Horowitz

Scientists say the spiky mammals turn over tons of soil each year in Australia.

15 Astonishing Facts About Bats

Rosemary Mosco

Get face-to-face with some of the most bizarre bats in the world.

Not Sure What Candle Scent You’ll Like? Keap Will Send You Testers of All of Them

Shaunacy Ferro

An online candle company wants to be the Warby Parker of scents, allowing users to test its products by mail.

8 Research-Backed Ways to Gain Grit

Danielle Braff

If you're someone who tends to get going when the going gets tough, we've got some good news: If you aren’t born with grit, you can develop it.

What Happens if the Electoral College Ties?

Austin Thompson

While it would be a political crisis if the Electoral College completely disregarded the will of the people, it’s not impossible.