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BMW Designed a More Aerodynamic Wheelchair for the Paralympics

Michele Debczak

They're custom-made to fit each team member's body.

This Photographer Transforms Insects Into Art

Kirstin Fawcett

You can check out Levon Biss's up-close bug portraits at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History next month.

9 Satellite Images That Could Qualify as Art

Shaunacy Ferro

Scenes from the USGS Landsat program.

Monitor Your Plant's Health With This Smart Sensor

Anna Green

The Flower Power plant sensor may be the perfect device for data lovers with a green thumb.

Scientists Capture Glow-In-The-Dark Sharks in the Deep Blue

Kate Horowitz

Scientists using a “shark’s-eye” camera found that catsharks follow the glow to find one another in deep, dark water.

Harvard Announces Plans to Open a Center for Happiness

Anna Green

Harvard University wants to figure out what makes people happy and why.

Harper Lee Once Wrote a Magazine Article About the 'In Cold Blood' Murders

Kirstin Fawcett

Lee didn't include her byline, presumably so she wouldn't steal Capote's thunder.

12 Patriotic Superheroes Other Than Captain America

Mark Peters

While Cap is the most successful and enduring patriotic superhero, he’s far from the only one. There have been many flag-wrapped heroes in the long, weird history of comics.

The Token Woman or Minority in a Job Pool Has Zero Chance of Being Hired

Michele Debczak

If there's only one woman or minority in a candidate pool their chances of getting hired are statistically zero.

Pop-Tarts Introduces A&W Root Beer and Orange Crush Flavors

Rudie Obias

Soda: It’s what’s for breakfast.

Stanley Kubrick’s Personal Copy of the Illustrated ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Screenplay Was Just Sold

Jennifer M Wood

The annotated proof was full of notes from the famously meticulous director.

These Suction Cup Mini-Planters Stick Right on Your Window

Shaunacy Ferro

Making your kitchen into a hanging garden just got a lot easier.

Crows Form, Nurse, and Share Grudges Against People

Kate Horowitz

The birds never forget a face, or how it has wronged them.

16 Loud Facts About 'The Last Waltz'

Roger Cormier

It was a bad night for Neils.

This Online Tool Compares Your Salary to the Global Average

Andrew LaSane

See how your annual wages compare to other professions around the world.