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Morning Cup of Links


Invasive Comb Jellies Crowd the Adriatic Sea

Michele Debczak

Commerical fish populations are under threat.

8 Explorers Who Mysteriously Disappeared (and Some Who’ve Been Found)

Claire Cock-Starkey

Explorers often push the boundaries of survival in the name of glory, so it’s not a great surprise that many have gone missing in the course of their adventures.

Woodsy Library Retreat Is a Book Lover’s Dream Vacation

Shaunacy Ferro

When your book collection gets too big for your home library, just build another one in your backyard.

The Death Star of Wasp Nests Found in English Attic

Jake Rossen

An impressive feat of insect engineering.

Whaling Voyages Also Devastated Walruses and Many Other Animals

Kate Horowitz

A forthcoming study by a class of undergraduate scientists explores the widespread and surprising ecological costs of the 19th-century whaling boom in the United States.

11 Bulletproof Facts About 'Sledge Hammer!'

Jake Rossen

If you thought the humor was sophomoric, you were on to something: the show was created by a teenager.

This Airport Pod Is Designed for Catching Sleep Between Flights

Michele Debczak

The aDream would make flight delays a lot more tolerable.

The Future Will Be Hangover-Free (Maybe)

Caitlin Schneider

A new synthetic drink promises to mimic the effects of traditional booze with none of the pesky side effects.

Groups of Three

Take the quiz!

7 Cyclonic Facts About the Hurricane Highway

Dennis Mersereau

Here's how it works.

Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Actually Pumpkin

Anna Green

Cans of pumpkin puree are actually a range of squashes.

Halloween-Themed Cheeseburger Features a Bacon "Tongue"

Rudie Obias

It's also packaged inside a purple coffin-shaped box.

This 3D-Printed Jewelry Is Created From NASA’s Elevation Mapping Data

Rebecca OConnell

Wear Mt. Hood around your neck.

Morning Cup of Links: The Fate of Anastasia Romanov

Miss Cellania

Get your day started with these great links!