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Phone Repair Shop Opens in London Phone Booth

Anna Green

A company called Lovefone is opening smartphone repair shops in UK phone booths.

Why Queen Elizabeth II Almost Wasn't Queen at All

Mental Floss UK

She's one of history's most popular British rulers, but she very nearly missed the gig.

SEGA Has Been Hiding a Secret Message on Their Claw Game Bags

Rebecca OConnell

One eagle-eyed player noticed this hidden code.

Beavers on the Moon: The Great Astronomy Hoax of 1835

Jake Rossen

New York's 'Sun' newspaper confirmed there was life on the lunar surface, including bat-people. And readers believed it.

Morning Cup of Links: A Game Boy For Math

Miss Cellania

11 Dorm Rooms That Make College Life Look Glamorous

Michele Debczak

Dorm decorating gets competitive at some colleges.

Watch Two 70-Year-Old Women Hunt for Sea Snakes

Kirstin Fawcett

Yoko and Setsuko are the black-banded sea krait's most fearsome predators.

7 Signs You’re Ready to Start Your Own Business

Presented by Allstate.

5 Questions: Spuddy Buddies

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This Map Traces Where Animals Will Migrate to Adapt to Climate Change

Shaunacy Ferro

As their habitats are destroyed by climate change, animals will have to seek new homes. But how will they get there?

10 Little-Known (But Fascinating) STEM Fields to Explore

Presented by Lockheed Martin.

The Immune System May Influence Our Social Interactions

Jordan Rosenfeld

It may play a key role in controlling and shaping social behavior.

WWI Centennial: Starvation Stalks Europe

Erik Sass

Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened. This is the 247th installment in the series.

That George Washington Portrait Saved by Dolley Madison Was Just a Copy

Stacy Conradt

If you’re envisioning Dolley tearing the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait down as the Red Coats closed in and the curtains burned, well, that’s not quite what happened.

3 Reasons to Look for a New Job Even If You're Not Quitting

Kristin Wong

How it pays to keep your options open.