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Vultures Surf on Humans’ Hot Air

Matt Soniak

It’s not just people that harness energy from power plants - birds also use them in their own way.

The Most Distinctive Cause of Death in Each State

Alvin Ward

From the CDC.

7 Tips for Better Barbecue from a BBQ Master

Erin McCarthy

Peek Inside This Boarded-Up NYC Mansion

Erika Berlin

Remembering Jim Henson

Chris Higgins

On May 16, 1990, Jim Henson passed away. In the months that followed, a pair of memorial services paid tribute to the man who changed the entertainment landscape.

5 Wedding Tips From Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

Caitlin Schneider

WWI Centennial: Second Battle of Artois

Erik Sass

Write on Any Surface with This Smart Pen

Sonia Weiser

Sunset on Mars Is Blue

Shaunacy Ferro

15 Aca-Awesome Celebrities Who Sang A Cappella In School

Erika Berlin

Leprosy Probably Came to the UK with a Scandinavian Man

Shaunacy Ferro

15 Historic Terms for Crime and Punishment, Defined

Therese Oneill

Google's Self-Driving Cars Will Hit the Road This Summer

Beth Anne Macaluso

15 Amazing Things You Didn't Know People Race

In the millennia since early humans began racing each other, people have found some unconventional takes on the classic footrace.

What's the Right Way to Make an Old Fashioned?

Clair McLafferty