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Morning Cup of Links: Online Dating for Geniuses

Miss Cellania

What Lightning Looks Like From Space

Alvin Ward

Enjoy the show, courtesy of Astronaut Reid Wiseman.

How the Canadian Provinces and Territories Got Their Names

Matt Soniak

When Canada's Northwest Territories considered changing its name in the 1990s, one option that gained support was "Bob."

10 Products for a Smarter Summer

Erin McCarthy

Going somewhere this summer? Put some historical beach reads on your e-reader, stock up on the products below, and hit the road knowing you’re doing this vacation thing right.

9 Facts About The Mata Mata, The Weirdest Turtle Ever

Amanda Green

What's the matter with that turtle? Nothing — it's a mata mata.

We're Looking for a Science-Teacher-in-Residence

Jason English

Are you a science teacher? Are you looking for something to do on the side this summer? We should talk!

The Missing Links: The Best Nintendo Games Ever

Colin Patrick

Strange States: Minnesota's Mysterious Viking Runestone

Rob Lammle

8 Things That Will Get You Banned From Six Flags

Stacy Conradt

Planning a visit to Six Flags this summer? Make sure you check this list before you go.

The Iron Harvest of WWI

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Math Square #222

Sandy Wood

10 of Ben Franklin’s Lesser-Known Feats of Awesomeness

Jamie Spatola

We all know about Benjamin Franklin’s kite-flyin’, library-establishin’, Declaration-signin’, newspaper-printin’, lady-killin’ ways.

Why Do Seagulls Hang Out in Parking Lots?

Matt Soniak

I live in Philadelphia, which is a quick enough drive to the Jersey Shore when traffic is good, but still pretty far from the ocean.

Morning Cup of Links: Women of World War I

Miss Cellania

How a Motley Crew of Counterfeiters Saved George Washington, the Continental Army, and the USA

Lucas Reilly

Henry Dawkins was always a bit of a scoundrel. His knack for law breaking, however, inadvertently saved the USA.