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8 Spiny Creatures You Don’t Want to Meet in the Wild

Shaunacy Ferro

When Feminists Confronted the Men In Charge of 'Ladies' Home Journal'

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Missing Links: Wes Anderson Minifigs

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Secret Menu Items from 12 Fast Food Restaurants

Stacy Conradt Rebecca OConnell

If you're bored with the same old fast food fare, try mixing it up with some of these secret menu options. Just don't tell anyone we told you.

(Almost) Everything We Know About the Orchid Mantis is Wrong

Matt Soniak

4 Women Murderers (and Another Who Might Have Been)

Miss Cellania

Be warned that these stories of murderous women from history are disturbing.

4 of Earth's Most Alien Lands

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The First Year of 11 Major Music Festivals

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Step Inside a Van Gogh Painting With a Virtual Reality Tour

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James McIntyre: The World’s Cheesiest Poet

Julia Davis

The Stream Systems of the U.S. Visualized As Subway Maps

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15 Heroic Facts About Florence Nightingale

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Vermont Bakery to Sell for $75, an Essay, and Your Best Cupcake Recipe

Hannah Keyser

Who Exactly Was D.B. Cooper?

Erika Berlin

20 Freaky Facts About the Giant Squid

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