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5 Things Built in Places You Wouldn't Expect

M Asher Cantrell

Typically, when one needs to have a building constructed, they’ll put it in a spot that makes sense. These people apparently didn't get the memo.

Why Add Bitters to a Cocktail?

Clair McLafferty

Bottles of bitters aren’t just cool bar decorations anymore.

Benoît Mandelbrot, Father of Fractals

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: Alex Trebek Is Losing It

Colin Patrick

8 Famous Movies and the Lawsuits That Plagued Them

Rudie Obias

They might make you see your favorite movies in a different light.

Modern Problems: "I found a dead bug in my water, and the restaurant manager wasn't very helpful."

AJ Jacobs

DEAR A.J., I went to my local diner, and they served me a glass of ice water—with a dead mosquito in it. I asked the manager what he planned to do about it.

9 People Who Killed JFK, According to Conspiracy Theorists

Meredith Danko

Among those who don't believe Oswald acted alone, the same names keep popping up. With varying degrees of plausibility, here are 9 people and groups who've been blamed.

Do Fetuses Go to the Bathroom in the Womb?

Matt Soniak

The answer may gross you out.

What Are the Best International Sporting Events?

The World Series and the Super Bowl are great, but if you’re willing to break out your passport, you can find even more exciting (or strange) action abroad.

15 Words Etymologically Inspired by Animals

Arika Okrent

Animals have always been important to the lives and livelihoods of humans, so it’s no wonder they've left a mark on language.

Morning Cup of Links: iDiots

Miss Cellania

Photos of Unrelated People Who Look Exactly Alike

Jason English

Canadian photographer François Brunelle is on a mission to find 200 doppelgängers around the world.

Don We Now Our Laptop Decals

Jamie Spatola

Floss:Handmade - Isaac Newton and William Tell Decals

mental_floss on YouTube: Blooper Reel!

Jason English

Our YouTube channel crossed over the 600,000 subscriber mark last week! Let's celebrate with a blooper reel. A lot of bleeps in this one.

The Missing Links: Really Odd and Expensive Art

Colin Patrick