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Shipwreck Filled With Roman 'Ketchup' Discovered off Italy's Coast

Kirstin Fawcett

Garum was a salty fish sauce used to dress up savory dishes.

Toothbrush Sounds Can Make Us Better Brushers

Kate Horowitz

Japanese researchers found that certain types of toothbrush noises encouraged people to brush better and more often.

16 Fun Facts About 'Tootsie'

Roger Cormier

Sydney Pollack called it a "piece of sh*t." Dabney Coleman called it a "pain in the a**." Fans call it one of the greatest comedies ever made.

NASA Wants You to Watch This Rocket Launch in Incredible 4K Resolution

Andrew LaSane

It's camera technology worthy of NASA.

The 60-Year Struggle to Bring 'Childhood's End' to Screens

Jake Rossen

An adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's landmark sci-fi novel, which has been marinating in Hollywood for six decades, finally hits TV screens tonight.

Fear Not, There are Onesies for Ponies Too

Rebecca OConnell

Ponies get cold too, and they need the proper pajamas.

25 Warm (and Welcoming) Facts About Minnesota

Kirstin Fawcett

There's much more to this northern state than 10,000 lakes.

Name the 5 States That Border New York

Take the quiz!

The Missing Links: Talking About Life

Colin Patrick

The Simple Visual Test That Might Predict Political Views

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study finds that conservatives are more likely to differentiate between perfectly and imperfectly drawn shapes than liberals are.

Incredible Photographs of a Doomed 1914 Antarctic Expedition

Shaunacy Ferro

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton's crew set out to cross Antarctica. Their ship never reached land, and the 28 men spent more than two years surviving on the ice.

11 Better Ways to Stay Connected During Your Holiday Travels

Today NASA Begins to Take New Astronaut Applications. Do You Qualify?

Caitlin Schneider

Have a BS in a hard science, engineering, or math, and three years of professional experience? Read on.

This Simpsons-Themed Kwik-E-Mart Cake Is the Perfect Tribute

Andrew LaSane

A UK-based bakery has made a fan of the cartoon very happy with this custom cake.

Call Dial-A-Carol and Someone Will Sing You a Holiday Song

Gillian Finklea

The University of Illinois knows that the holidays can be frustrating, and sometimes all you need to hear is a reassuring carol—no matter what time of day.