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Watch Ants Act Like Tiny Farmers With Aphid Livestock

Kate Horowitz

Ants have kept aphids as livestock for thousands of years.

The IKEA Meatballs of the Future

Andrew LaSane

IKEA's Space10 Research Lab considers the world's changing food needs using a meatball as a canvas.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

A roundup of the strangest news stories from all over.

Dinosaurs Evolved Faster Than We Thought

Michele Debczak

Recent radioactive dating shaves several million years off their evolution timeline.

9 Things You Might Not Know About Cinnabon

Emily Becker

This is the hap-happiest season of all for the cinnamon roll chain.

The Man Who’s Bringing the Internet To Rural Nepal

Anna Green

Since 2001, Mahabir Pun has connected more than 60,000 people to the Internet.

“Draw” 3D Creations With This Hardening Gel Pen

Michele Debczak

Watch your drawings come off the page.

Iceland's Yule Lads Bring Gifts, Steal Meat

Kate Horowitz

Thirteen bearded wild men descend upon Icelandic homes to reward children who behave and punish those who don’t.

15 Nostalgic Facts About 'My Girl'

Roger Cormier

Columbia Pictures hired child psychologists to tell the public it was okay to bring kids to the theater.

Find Out What Solar Power Would Save You Using Google Maps

Michele Debczak

Would installing solar panels make sense where you live?

5 Questions: "See" Me

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Remember the First 100 Digits of Pi Using This Basic Technique

Caitlin Schneider

A druid, Muammar Gaddafi, and a horseshoe are all players in this genius memory hack.

10 Towns That Seem Straight Out of a Storybook

Kristy Puchko

While the world's biggest cities have spent centuries competing over the tallest towers and grandest innovations, these lovely towns have held on to their quaint houses and curious designs.

Watch Puppets Act Out George Saunders's Rules of Good Storytelling

Anna Green

Saunders shares his storytelling secrets, with a little help from paper puppets.