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You Don’t Need to Get $225,000 Worth of Plastic Surgery Just to Celebrate William Shakespeare

Mangesh & Jason

Lots of people say they like Shakespeare. Not a lot of people get plastic surgery just to prove it.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

Saskatchewan Town Mulling Slogan Change

Ali Parr

The mayor is tired of explaining to people why it's not horribly offensive.

How 12 Famous Rappers Picked Their Names

Beth Anne Macaluso

The Most Popular NBA Team by ZIP Code

Alvin Ward

A lot of purple on that map.

The Missing Links: Smell a Happy Person

Colin Patrick

13 Titles Inspired by Shakespeare Phrases

Dana Schwartz

Rare Snapshots From the Space Race

Rebecca OConnell

10 Ways Shakespeare Changed Everything

Jamie Spatola

The basic thesis of Stephen Marche’s How Shakespeare Changed Everything becomes obvious very early on (as in, it is expressed in the title).

4 Winning Moments in Gym Class History

Adam Raymond the mag

11 'Sesame Street' Videos for Earth Day

Chris Higgins

It can be easy being green.

What We Can Learn From the Earth's Tiniest Fossils

Erin McCarthy

15 Fascinating Facts About Picasso's ‘Guernica’

Michael Arbeiter

You already know Pablo Picasso’s 1937 painting Guernica is among his most revered works, but do you know how and why he created the anti-war masterpiece?

See the History of Manhattan's Skyline in Less Than a Minute

Sonia Weiser

Name the Mammals That Have Gone Into Space