Morning Cup of Links


St. Petersburg, Florida Pledges to Run Exclusively on Renewable Energy

Shaunacy Ferro

It will be the first city in Florida to do so.

Here Are Amazon's Best Cyber Monday Deals

Smart Shopping Team

Cyber Monday is here, and Amazon is celebrating with deals you can grab from the comfort of your own home.

4 Ideas From Linguistics to Help You Appreciate 'Arrival'

Arika Okrent

The most exciting thing about Denis Villeneuve’s new sci-fi space-encounter movie isn’t the aliens or the spaceships or the worldwide panic they bring on.

CERN’s Particle Detector Now Has Robot Inspectors

Shaunacy Ferro

The two automated inspectors patrol the Large Hadron Collider’s 17 miles of tunnels.

Show & Tell: A Rebus Token for an Abandoned Child

Erin Blakemore

Children at London's Foundling Hospital were left with a tiny token that often served as the only clue to their identity.

6 Tips for Being Smart About Snow Forecasts

Dennis Mersereau

It’s easy to become a savvy consumer of snow predictions with a little bit of knowledge—and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Does Drinking a Hot Drink Really Cool You Down?

Mental Floss UK

It sounds like an old wives' tale, but hot drinks really can make you cooler.

FTC Requires Labels on Homeopathic Drugs: 'No Scientific Evidence' They Work

Kate Horowitz

“There is no scientific evidence that this product works.”

Amazon's Favorite Versatile Pressure Cooker Is a Steal Today

Smart Shopping Team

9 Photos That Show the Enduring Power of Evolution

A new book gathers 200 beautiful images showing evolution’s influence on the flora and fauna of the world.

Giant Japanese Sinkhole Begins Sinking Once Again

Shaunacy Ferro

A section of road in Fukuoka, Japan that sank 50 feet earlier this month sagged around three inches over the weekend.

Wes Anderson’s H&M Commercial Stars Adrien Brody and Plenty of Whimsy

Michele Debczak

A holiday commercial directed by Wes Anderson is exactly what you'd expect.

Durable Solar Roads Will Be Tested on Four Continents

Michele Debczak

The super-strong panels can support an 18-wheeler truck.

11 Twisted Facts About ‘The Far Side’

Mark Mancini

Offbeat, macabre, and sometimes controversial.

15 Colorful Lyrics from National Anthems Around the World

Lucas Reilly

The world's national anthems are a mixed bag of patriotism, poetry, and the peculiar.