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17 Quotes From Betty White That Will Make You Love Her Even More

Suzanne Raga

The nonagenarian is a master of wise words and one-liners.

15 Things You Should Know About Saké

Kristy Puchko

Saké has long been considered the national drink of Japan. But as its popularity spreads around the world, the secrets behind its ancient traditions have come to light.

'The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book' Is Just as Quirky as You'd Expect

Jay Serafino

Must read faster.

5 Questions: A Show about Nothing

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Why Benjamin Franklin Hated the Letter "C"

Stacy Conradt

9 Things You Should Know About Paying for Grad School

Presented by Florida Tech.

When Roddy McDowall Was Busted by the FBI for Pirating Films

Jake Rossen

In 1974, a government raid seized more than 1000 bootleg movies from the 'Planet of the Apes' star's home.

Heated Mats Keep Steps Ice-Free in the Winter

Alvin Ward

No more coating your steps in salt and jabbing them with a shovel.

Why Is There No "E" Grade?


Spoiler alert: there used to be.

8 Surprising Facts About the Deepest Part of the Ocean

Claire Cock-Starkey

1. More people have been to the Moon than have explored the hadal deep.

This Robot Helper Is Designed to Keep Older People Company

Shaunacy Ferro

Many seniors live alone, but a robot design called ElliQ wants to make sure they aren't lonely.

20 John Carpenter Quotes About Horror Movies

Jennifer M Wood

“Horror is a reaction; it's not a genre.”

You Shouldn't Miss Amazon's Top Monday Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

Power Up With This Super Mario-Themed Radish Shaper

Michele Debczak

This is an impractical kitchen tool we can get behind.

12 Historic Facts About Martin Luther King Jr.

Jake Rossen

In 1958, doctors told him that a single sneeze could have ended his life.