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5 Questions: On the Drugstore Shelf

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19th-Century Reproductions of Pompeii Art Featured in New Book

Shaunacy Ferro

In the 1850s, brothers Fausto and Felice Niccolini began methodically documenting excavations of Pompeii and publishing their work.

8 of the Most Fascinating Cemeteries You Can Visit

Loren Rhoads

Whether you’re interested in rock ‘n’ roll, history, art, or medicine, the nameless or the famous, here's where to go.

14 Facts About ‘The Last House on the Left’

Eric D Snider

Master of horror Wes Craven directed more than two dozen films over the course of his 40-year career—and they all trace their roots back to 'The Last House on the Left.'

Psychologists Say Micro-Managing May Shorten Employees’ Lifespans

Kate Horowitz

A forthcoming study found a link between autonomy at work, healthy habits, and living longer.

Grave Sightings: Wyatt Earp

Stacy Conradt

No, he isn't buried in Tombstone, Arizona.

A Crochet Carousel Turns an Art Exhibition Into a Playground

Shaunacy Ferro

The crochet artist Olek crafts a merry-go-round in Germany.

One Gene Mutation Links Three Mysterious, Debilitating Diseases

Kate Horowitz

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome are so obscure that most doctors have never heard of them.

Texas A&M Now Has Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lanes

Shaunacy Ferro

They're solar powered.

3 Ways New Grads Can Build Good Credit From Nothing

Kristin Wong

How do you build good credit when you're just starting out? Follow these steps.

Levitating Turntable Gives Retro Technology a Sci-Fi Spin

Michele Debczak

MAG-LEV Audio uses magnetic levitation to achieve the futuristic effect.

Why Do Chimpanzees Have Such Wrinkled Faces?


Even as babies, they have a lot of wrinkles.

See the BBC's Vintage Instructions for Knitting the Perfect 'Doctor Who' Scarf

Jake Rossen

In the '80s, fans who wanted a Doctor Who scarf couldn't order one online. They had to make it.

8 Magical Harry Potter Halloween Festivals for Wizards and Muggles

Kaitlin Stainbrook

Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail? Don't worry: You can still experience Halloween the Harry Potter way by visiting one of these events.

Is Eating Organic Really Better for You and the Environment?

Kirstin Fawcett

In short, the jury’s still out.