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Taiwanese Pet Salon Shaves Unique Designs Into Four-Legged Clients

Michele Debczak

Cats and dogs come out as walking works of art.

A British Zoo Has Been Releasing Hundreds of Giant Spiders Into the Wild

Anna Green

The fen raft spider can grow to nearly the size of a mouse, feasts on fish, and was just released em masse in the UK.

Want to Be a Better Speaker? Ignore Your Haters

Shaunacy Ferro

Anxious speakers tend to focus on frowning audience members, a new study finds.

15 of the Tastiest Fro-Yo Stops in America

Nicole Garner

These shops have some of the coolest perks around.

Making Art Can Relieve Stress at Any Skill Level

Michele Debczak

You don't have be talented to reap the benefits.

The Surprisingly Devious History of CAPTCHA

Kate Horowitz

Or, how millions of people—including you—ended up working for free.

Algorithm Mimics an Artist's Coloring Style in Real Time

Andrew LaSane

Way easier than learning to shade in 3D.

13 Thrilling Facts About ‘House Of Wax’

Mark Mancini

André de Toth’s legendary thriller solidified the 3D movie craze, walloped the box office, and turned Vincent Price into a horror movie icon.

Raccoon Family Uses Teamwork to Help Its Baby Scale a Wall

Kirstin Fawcett

Raccoons: trashcan raiders, home invaders, pretty good mothers.

Brainwaves Might Be Your Next Vital Sign

Jordan Rosenfeld

Screening your brainwaves to glean important information about your brain health may be on the horizon.

Baby Sloths' Giant Poops Defy Physics/All Decency

Shaunacy Ferro

How can such a small animal produce such a large turd?

9 Historic Brewers Who Were Way Ahead of the Craft Beer Craze

Gwendolyn Purdom

The Vikings had a brew that was hallucinogenic.

Does Tapping a Soda Can Really Prevent It From Fizzing Over?

Andrew LaSane

The practice is meant to settle the fizz, but how does it work?

WWI Centennial: U.S. Mobilizes Troops, Vows to Pacify Border

Erik Sass

Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened. This is the 240th installment in the series.

Wood-Fired Pizza Might Be Causing Major Air Pollution in Brazil

Kirstin Fawcett

Sorry, pizza lovers.