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Grave Sightings: Joe DiMaggio

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Lewis and Clark Weren't the Only Explorers to Map the American Frontier

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5 Fabulous Facts About Jackie Kennedy

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Snake-Like Robot from MIT Is Flexible, Customizable

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Sweden’s ICEHOTEL Will Now Be Open Year-Round Thanks to Solar Panels

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Creative Activities Like Baking and Knitting Boost Mental Well-Being

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When Did Human Beings Start Using Containers?


Barnes & Noble Is Hosting 'Harry Potter' Holiday Balls Across the Country

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Visit the Gyllenhall: Your New Favorite Punny Internet Corner

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For $2, You Can Get Unlimited Frostys Next Year

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All for a one-time fee of $2, most of which will go to charity.

Ants Communicate by Swapping Spit

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Scientists say the mouth-to-mouth exchanges transmit hormones and other important chemical information.