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Morning Cup of Links


Copenhagen Is Getting a Skyscraper-Height Pedestrian Bridge

Shaunacy Ferro

Hope no one gets vertigo!

7 Tips for Timing the Perfect Mid-Flight Nap

Whether you’ve got a 12-hour international flight or just a quickie two-hour hop for the holidays, these seven tips will help you prep for some solid airline slumber.

Pigeons as Good as Radiologists at Spotting Breast Cancer, Scientists Say

Kate Horowitz

Scientists say pigeons can be trained to spot breast cancer on slides and mammogram results.

WWI Centennial: Serbian “Great Retreat” Begins

Erik Sass

The First World War was an unprecedented catastrophe that shaped our modern world. Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened.

Painting Dartmoor's Ponies Helps Keep Them Safe Near Roads

Janet Burns

Dartmoor's ponies were in danger near the roads, so they've been given safety stripes to warn drivers that they're grazing.

These 9 NASA Posters Give Astronauts the Celebrity Treatment

Miss Cellania

We'd see all of these movies.

Here Are the Winners of the Royal Society Publishing Photo Contest

Andrew LaSane

The photographers captured biological principles at work through their camera lenses.

Watch Chocolates Take Shape In This Delicious Short Documentary

Anna Green

Simon Pénochet goes inside Alain Ducasse's Le Chocolat to show how artisanal chocolates are made.

Fast-Growing Salmon Are First FDA-Approved Genetically Modified Animal

Janet Burns

But don't expect to see filet o' GE fish in your supermarket's freezer anytime soon.

10 Misconceptions About Pirates

Alvin Ward

Contrary to what Disney would have you believe, they probably didn't say "Arrgh."

Who Wrote the Year's Worst Sex Scene?

Kirstin Fawcett

Erica Jong, Morrissey, and Lauren Groff are all contenders for the annual Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction award.

This 14-Year-Old Girl Is One of the Best Rock Climbers in the World

Anna Green

Ashima Shiraishi the only woman in the world, and the youngest person of any gender, to climb a rock wall with a difficulty grade of 9a+ (5.15a).

According to Doctors, Being Overweight Offers Health Benefits

Michele Debczak

Most scientists agree that the "obesity paradox" is very real—but that doesn't mean they aren't perplexed by it.

Last 50 Chimps in NIH–Funded Research to Be Freed

Jen Pinkowski

The last 50 chimps used in NIH-funded biomedical research will soon find their way to a sanctuary.

Vampire Bats Regurgitate Meals for Their Friends

Shaunacy Ferro

Female vampire bats are generous to friends who have helped them in the past.