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12 Futuristic Facts About ‘Metropolis’

Eric D Snider

Fritz Lang's 1927 classic is the most influential science fiction film ever made.

Our Gut Microbiome Evolved Alongside Us, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

The types of bacteria that colonize our digestive tract may depend more on evolution than the environment around us.

This Psychedelic 'Magic Carpet' Reacts When You Step on It

Michele Debczak

To appreciate this piece of art, viewers had to walk all over it.

The Delicious Origins of 18 Summer Fruit Names

John Kelly

Just as juicy as summer’s many berries, stone fruits, and melons are the far-flung, surprising, and often obscure origins of their names.

Here's How Free Phone Apps Make Money

Anna Green

Game developers employ lessons from behavioral psychology to incentivize spending.

Introducing the Levitating Cups That Hold Your Drinks Mid-Air

Andrew LaSane

Why set your drink down when you can have it hover in midair?

Origami Bird Perch Light Rocks Away the Darkness

Rebecca OConnell

Just like the famous Drinking Bird—but with a purpose.

How 'Star Trek' Boldly Made The Split Infinitive Acceptable

Jay Serafino

Gene Roddenberry taught the world that infinitives are ripe for splitting.

Morning Cup of Links: The Fear of Alien Encounters

Miss Cellania

Great links to start a great week!

6 Adorable Animals on Skateboards

Miss Cellania

Humans aren't the only ones who like to shred.

Watch NASA Test—and Break—New Rocket Parts

Kirstin Fawcett

It's better that they shatter on Earth instead of space.

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Researchers Are Painting Eyes on Cow Butts in the Name of Conservation

Michele Debczak

It could potentially save the lives of lions and cows.

London Reopens Beautiful Historic Sewage Facility

Shaunacy Ferro

Crossness Pumping Station helped rid London of cholera in the Victorian era.

7 Learning Strategies to Borrow From Your Kids

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