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33 Fun Facts About Colleges

If you ever find yourself on one of these campuses with nothing to talk about, you'll be glad you watched.

Prii? LEGO? 11 Brand Names With Plural Problems

Arika Okrent

Prii? LEGO? Twix?

The Missing Links: The Best TV Novelty Albums

Colin Patrick

Fist Bumps Could Be Good for Our Health

Meghan Holohan

A recent study finds that bumping fists rather than shaking hands in hospitals reduces the spread of bacteria.

How Apple's '1984' Ad Was Almost Canceled

Chris Higgins

The inside story of the commercial that changed advertising, even though Apple's Board of Directors didn't want to run it at all.

"Star Trek: TNG" Wardrobe & Makeup Tests

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Brr-rr-ain Game

Sandy Wood

12 Shapes You Didn’t Know Had Names

Mark Mancini

We all come into contact with many of these shapes every day. Here's what you can call them.

15 Simply Lovely Asian Museums

Jill Harness

We’ve been taking you across the globe to show you some of the most beautiful museums in the world.

The Missing Links: The Time Winter Lasted A Decade

Colin Patrick

17 Slogans on Town Welcome Signs You Won't See Anywhere Else

Arika Okrent

In the land of the road trip, the marking of town borders becomes a matter of town pride. Here are some welcome signs that don't quite fit the mold.

Strange States: Iowa's Hobo Convention

Rob Lammle

Brain Game: Uncorrupted

Sandy Wood

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Miss Cellania

Here are nine ways you can celebrate.

What Are the Seven Seas?

Matt Soniak

There more than 100 bodies of water in the world that are either officially named seas or commonly referred to that way.