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The Late Movies: Cartoon Action Heroes Based on Movies of the Late '80s

Erica Palan

Are There Number 1 Pencils?

Bryan Dugan

Weekend Links: Breakfast Around the World

Roma Panganiban

Return of the Cicadas

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: States That Need to Watch Their Language

Roma Panganiban

Every "Arrested Development" Chicken Dance

Chris Higgins

World War I Centennial: Gay Spy Scandal Rocks Vienna

Erik Sass

The Late Movies: Touching Moments in Baseball History

Erica Palan

The Missing Links: Red Carpet Quackers

Colin Patrick

15 Curious Facts We Learned From 1987 Topps Baseball Cards

Jason English

6 Beachy Facts to Take to the Shore

the mag

Heading for the coast this weekend? Be the talk of the sand dunes with these facts.

What Was Your Last Great Surprise?

Jason English

Why Do We Tan?

Matt Soniak

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

20 Hidden Jokes in Arrested Development

Rudie Obias

It wasn’t until the series was available on DVD that audiences could then search for all of its brilliant punchlines.