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The Missing Links: Astounding Tricks With Sticks

Colin Patrick

11 Polar Sea Extremophiles

Arallyn Primm

These creatures so dependent upon the cold, so specialized to the most frigid, high-pressure places on earth, that you'd hardly even recognize them as being from this planet.

11 Hotels With Exciting Past Lives

Liz Behler

In their previous lives, these hotels were banks, brothels, and more.

This Is What the End of Polio Looks Like

Chris Higgins

Morning Cup of Links: The 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Miss Cellania

11 Gag Reels from Serious Shows

Chris Higgins

Seeing bloopers from comedies is pretty typical. It's way more fun when dramatic actors crack up.

What Happens to Your Brain When You’re in Love?

People say love is like an addiction. According to some neuroscientists, they’re right!

11 Outrageous Moments in Niagara Falls Barrel-Riding

Mark Mancini

For decades, thrill-seekers have fought the odds and common sense by going over the world’s most famous waterfalls in rickety containers—a trip that has claimed several lives.

11 Little-Known Words for Specific Family Members

Arika Okrent

The words we use for family members in English are specific about some things, but vague about others. These words will help fill in the gaps.

Weekend Links: Cows Mooing in English Accents

Roma Panganiban

Putting a Good Face on it: The Evolution of Mr. Potato Head

the mag

It started as body parts you jabbed into real potatoes and became a cultural phenomenon, resulting in some sweet film roles and government work. Let’s go back to the beginning.

Making "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Chris Higgins

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Chris Higgins

10 Jobs You Didn't Hear About On Career Day

the mag

Back in preschool, there were only a handful of sensible options for the career-minded 4-year-old.

Weekend Links: A Modern-Day Dragon

Roma Panganiban