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11 Absolutely Eye-catching Chandeliers

Miss Cellania

Brain Game: Tweak

Sandy Wood

The Perfect Paper Airplane

Sean Hutchinson

Whether you’re making the substitute teacher angry by throwing them around in class or participating in world championship tournaments, the paper airplane is full of possibilities.

9 Scandals that Rocked the Figure Skating World

Jessica Bloustein Marshall

Tales of scandal, impropriety, and calumny ... on ice.

Why We Get Car Sick

Chris Higgins

Morning Cup of Links: The Trend in Group Selfies

Miss Cellania

Where Does the Term 'Honeymoon' Come From?

DeAnna Kerley

From reality TV shows to The Beach Boys’ croons of Aruba and Jamaica, references to honeymoons are everywhere. But where did the term "honeymoon" first come from?

11 Desserts That Changed the World

Stacy Conradt

11 Ways to Handle a Heckler

Colin Patrick

Let’s take a look at some different ways a comedian can deal with an unruly audience member.

11 Delightful 19th-Century Australian Slang Terms

Erin McCarthy

You won't find crikey in this book, but there are plenty other weird and wonderful terms work incorporating into everyday conversation.

11 Notable Actors' Screen Tests for Famous Roles

Kate Erbland

Thanks to the miracle of concept art and screen tests, there’s an alternate dimension of blockbusters where Nic Cage was Superman, Jeremy Sisto has Leonardo DiCaprio’s career, and a Sam Kinison biopic

The Missing Links: Astounding Tricks With Sticks

Colin Patrick

11 Polar Sea Extremophiles

Arallyn Primm

These creatures so dependent upon the cold, so specialized to the most frigid, high-pressure places on earth, that you'd hardly even recognize them as being from this planet.

11 Hotels With Exciting Past Lives

Liz Behler

In their previous lives, these hotels were banks, brothels, and more.

This Is What the End of Polio Looks Like

Chris Higgins