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15 of the Most Requested Karaoke Songs

Rudie Obias

Picking the perfect karaoke song can be a tough choice. The song has to be popular enough so people can sing along with you, but easy enough for a karaoke beginner to master.

Brain Game: Math Square #167

Sandy Wood

What Do Those Recycling Symbols and Codes Mean?

Rick Marshall

Earth Day is here again, serving as an annual reminder of the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle our way to a better planet.

5 Pairs of Countries That Americans Confuse

Arika Okrent

There are some place names that just sound so similar, we'll keep mixing them up no matter how little they have to do with each other.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

8 Inspiring Stories About Runners

Stacy Conradt

Because we could all use an extra dose of humanity this week, here are eight other feel-good stories about runners.

Don’t Change a Thing: 8 Inventions That Never Needed Updating

Therese Oneill

Constant improvement is what we do. So how amazing is it that there exist a handful of objects that, though 100 years old or more, are still perfect?

Weekend Links: The Smelliest Movie Screening

Roma Panganiban

Big Cats Like Cardboard Boxes Too

Chris Higgins

8 More Surprising Things Banned by the BBC

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

The BBC takes its role as an arbiter of taste, morals, ethics, and standards very seriously—so it doesn’t show just anything.

Weekend Links: Everyone is Beautiful

Roma Panganiban

The Space Toilet

Chris Higgins

12 Photos of Therapy Dogs Providing Comfort After Tragedies

Jill Harness

Dogs rule.

World War I Centennial: Ceasefire in the Balkans, French War Council Approves Plan XVII

Erik Sass

Brain Game: Fun with Flags

Sandy Wood