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This is Not a Prank: 10 Events That Actually Happened on April 1

Jens T Carstensen

Happy April Fool’s Day! And while today is a good day to be skeptical of any unusual news you hear, do keep in mind that, sometimes, the truth is stranger than pranks.

Why Are Whole Foods Typically More Expensive Than Processed?

Kevin Kampwirth

Close perusal of a Wonder loaf’s list of ingredients reveals some 29 tongue-tying components, while the whole grain loaf has five or six, none over two syllables.

7 Fun Facts About the Dothraki Language of Game of Thrones

Arika Okrent

The producers of Game of Thrones did the smart thing when they hired language creator David Petersen to work out realistic languages for the show.

Could A Coconut Save Your Life?

Jill Harness

How to Use Email (in 1997)

Chris Higgins

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

Weekend Links: Dip Your Cookies in Tea

Roma Panganiban

Weekend Links: How Not to Shower

Roma Panganiban

The Late Movies: Great Pop Culture Teachers of the '90s

Erica Palan

The Missing Links: Knowing Is Half the Battle

Colin Patrick

10 Things You Might Not Know About the Korean War

David W Brown

10. The Korean War never ended.

10 Places to Get Your Peep Fix This Easter

Jennifer M Wood

Every spring, just as the cherry blossoms enter full bloom in Washington DC, so begins the run on Peeps. Yes, Peeps.

The Youthful Pranks of 5 Famous People

Julie Winterbottom

Does pulling pranks in childhood lead to success later in life? Judging from the youthful shenanigans of these five famous people, the answer might be yes.

A Brief History of the Real-Life Invisibility Cloak

The Week

The evolution of the cloaking device, from its origins in Star Trek fantasy to intricate new metamaterials.

The Early Acting Gigs of 13 Game of Thrones Stars

Erin McCarthy

This Sunday, we return to Westeros and the battle for the seven kingdoms in the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.