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If You Could Live Any Year Over Again...

Jason English

22 Vintage Photos of Animals Acting Like People

Erin McCarthy

Forget celebrities being just like us. These vintage photos prove that animals have a rich history of indulging in activities usually reserved for humans.

Can You Fire the Pope?

Matt Soniak

Reader Gabrielle wrote in to ask: “Can a pope be ousted? And has it happened before?”

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 93

Mark Arminio

The LEGO Paper Airplane Folder

Chris Higgins

George Washington's Fishery

Mark Mancini

When we think of America’s first president, quarters, cherry trees, and false teeth often come to mind. But fishing?

Trailer Thursday: Tina Fey, Morgan Freeman and... Lindsay Lohan?!

Stacy Conradt

13 Alternative Plush Toys for Your Easter Basket

Miss Cellania

7 Goosebumps Books that Would Make Amazing Movies

The Week

R.L. Stine's kid-lit horror series is headed for the big screen — but which classic Goosebumps books are most likely to score at the box office?

That Other Time Someone Tried to Get the British to Eat Horses

Matt Soniak

There’s an ongoing problem in the UK and continental Europe where food products labeled as containing beef actually turn out to have surprise horse meat in it.

Is There Such a Thing as Photographic Memory?

Roma Panganiban

The best early ‘90s children’s bookshelves were full of books about child detectives, including Cam Jansen, the fifth grade super-sleuth with a photographic memory.

Farewell, Jason Molina

Chris Higgins

14 Photos of Whale Bones (and more!) from the American Museum of Natural History's Mammalogy Department

Erin McCarthy

We went behind the scenes to check out the institution's whale collections in its Mammalogy Department—and took photos so you can feel like you were there, too.

11 Snazzy Chicken Coops for Backyard Poultry Farmers

Virginia C McGuire

You no longer have to settle for a boring boxy coop for your backyard brood. Here are eleven coops that break the mold.

The Missing Links: Calvin and Hobbes Get Animated

Colin Patrick