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Are Cats and Dogs Right or Left Handed, Too?

Daven Hiskey

According to two studies, the answer is yes: Just like humans are usually right- or left-handed, cats and dogs are typically right pawed or left pawed.

5 Reasons to Give Thanks in 2013

Chris Higgins

Why Does Turkey Make You Tired?

Matt Soniak

Most people blame tryptophan, but that's not really the main culprit. So why do people have such a hard time staying awake after Thanksgiving dinner? And what is tryptophan, anyway?

Morning Cup of Links: Presidential Turkey Pardon

Miss Cellania

5 Obscure Looney Tunes Cartoons

Joy Lanzendorfer

We’re all familiar with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig, but what about Owl Jolson, Ralph Phillips, or the Dover Boys of Pimento University?

World War I Centennial: Russia Tries to Enlist British Help Against Germany

Erik Sass

The Missing Links: Terrible Old Fashioned Remedies

Colin Patrick

9 Hanukkah-Thanksgiving Fusion Dishes

Miss Cellania

11 Interactive Zoos

Kate Erbland

Plenty of zoos, aquariums, and wildlife parks have put together fun—and safe!—ways to interact with some of their finest residents in a very hands-on manner.

The Revolution Will Be Kickstarted

Chris Higgins

Navid Khonsari is making a video game about the Iranian revolution, and he could use your help.

15 Delightful Flapper-Era Words for “Awesome”

Nothing is as delightful as GEICO’s customer service, but these amazing examples of flapper slang are pretty terrific.

Free Bird: The History of Presidential Turkey Pardoning

Matt Soniak

Each year before Thanksgiving, the president formally pardons a live turkey presented to him by the National Turkey Federation. Who came up with this odd tradition?

8 Foods You've Been Eating All Wrong

Meredith Danko

There's a better way to eat an apple, peel a banana, and put syrup on your pancakes.

Going on a Joyride with Volvo [Sponsored]

What’s That Thing that Hangs Off a Turkey’s Face?

Matt Soniak

That thing is a snood. And it's there to let the other turkeys know that its owner is kind of a big deal.