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Transhumanism vs. the Hedonic Treadmill via Futurama (!)

Chris Higgins

7 Less-than-Romantic Valentine's Day Promotions

Amanda Green

You can't buy love, but on Valentine's Day marketers want you to try. And they're offering bizarre, if not terrible, deals to entice you. But trust us.

Latina vivit: 7 Ways to Be Ready Next Time News Breaks in Latin

Arika Okrent

It's T-Shirt Tuesday!

Erin McCarthy

Iko iko wan dey: What Do the Words of the Mardi Gras Song Mean?

Arika Okrent

Brain Game: Worth M Words

Sandy Wood

6 Other Major Discoveries by the U.S. Geological Survey

David W Brown

Yesterday the USGS registered a 4.9 tremor in North Korea, suggesting the test of a nuclear bomb. Detecting nuclear tests is one of many missions for the USGS.

Morning Cup of Links: Carnival Time!

Miss Cellania

The Late Movies: Yesteryear Imagines the Future

Caisey Robertson

11 Drinks and the Famous People Known to Drink Them

Patrick Cain

When these celebrities and iconic characters want to knock one back, these are the drinks they choose.

10 Famous Residents of McLean Psychiatric Hospital

Stacy Conradt

Fifty years ago today, Sylvia Plath committed suicide by sticking her head in a gas-filled oven while her children slept a room away.

The Real People and Events Mentioned in 11 Hit Songs

Kara Kovalchik

Some song meanings are fairly obvious; for example, everyone pretty much figured that Gordon Lightfoot was singing about a vessel than sank in Lake Superior in “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Bu

11 Lesser-Known Names for Baby Animals

Roma Panganiban

We know that infant chickens are called chicks and baby ducks are called ducklings, and it’s equally common knowledge that cats are often cutest when they’re kittens.

The Missing Links: A History of Undeserved Grammys

Colin Patrick

11 Things Fossil Dung Scientists Found in Fossilized Poop

Mark Mancini

Paleoscatologists have, quite possibly, the most epic job description ever: “fossil dung scientists.” Among the best-known is Kim Chin, who maintains that fossil feces—which are known scientifically a