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8 Absolutely Ridiculous Ways Comic Book Characters have been Brought Back from the Dead

The Week

Robin will be killed off in an upcoming issue of the Batman comic book series. If history is any guide, he'll be resurrected via an absurd plot device soon enough

One Witness to the Lincoln Assassination Might Have Been Alive During Your Lifetime

Matt Soniak

On April 12, 1956, Samuel J. Seymour died in his daughter’s home in Arlington, Virginia. This isn’t really noteworthy on its own. People die every day. Mr.

The Infamous Rigged Episode of "Twenty-One"

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: Government Guidelines For Yeti Hunting

Colin Patrick

4 Invented Scents

Caisey Robertson

Sometimes perfume companies market their fragrances a little bit erroneously. Here are a few common scents that aren’t as accurate as you think.

7 Book Dedications that Basically Say "Screw You"

Arika Okrent

Not all authors' dedications are nice. Some—like these—are just plain mean.

9 Cute and Clever Snowmen

Miss Cellania

How to Build an Ice Hotel

Jessanne Collins

It’s a little more involved than those bootleg igloos you constructed as a kid!

Brain Game: Capital Letters

Sandy Wood

Why Did Eating Horsemeat Become Taboo?

Kevin Kampwirth

Despite the notion of horses as pets and companions, horsemeat is widely and willingly consumed in countries ranging from Mexico to China to Italy.

World War I Centennial: Next Time France Won’t Back Down, Poincaré Vows

Erik Sass

8 Official State Dinosaurs

Roma Panganiban

These eight states have distinctly designated official state dinosaurs, honoring the living, breathing, occasionally flesh-ravaging creatures that once roamed their land.

It's Not Easy Potty Training A Cow

Matt Soniak

Cows poop between 10 and 15 times a day. Plus, they pee around 10 times a day. All that waste adds up pretty quickly, and standing in their own filth can make the cows sick.

The Late Movies: How to Beat Home Video Games (in 1982)

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: The Quest For Cyborg Liberties

Colin Patrick