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11 Lesser-Known Names for Baby Animals

Roma Panganiban

We know that infant chickens are called chicks and baby ducks are called ducklings, and it’s equally common knowledge that cats are often cutest when they’re kittens.

The Missing Links: A History of Undeserved Grammys

Colin Patrick

11 Things Fossil Dung Scientists Found in Fossilized Poop

Mark Mancini

Paleoscatologists have, quite possibly, the most epic job description ever: “fossil dung scientists.” Among the best-known is Kim Chin, who maintains that fossil feces—which are known scientifically a

11 Controversial Vanity License Plates

Stacy Conradt

Most vanity plates are pretty benign, simply revealing that the driver loves the Cubs or dachshunds or Quidditch. But these plates got people riled up.

11 Cynical Proverbs About Love From Around the World

Arika Okrent

Sure, love is wonderful, but sometimes it can be…complicated. Cultures all over the world have captured the hard lessons of love in the tiny, polished nuggets of wisdom we call proverbs.

11 Mental Floss Contributors Who Wrote Great Books

Chris Higgins

4 Other Popes Who Resigned

Kathy Benjamin

Today, Pope Benedict XVI announced he would be the first pope to step down in 600 years. Even before that, the head of the Catholic Church giving up his office voluntarily was a very rare occurrence.

11 Words That Don't Mean What They Sound Like

Judith B Herman

From Castle Grayskull to The Technodrome: 11 Awesome Vintage Playsets

Erin McCarthy

11 Cardiac Facts to Take to Heart

Amanda Green

Your heart isn't gold. It isn't sweet. And don't put in on your sleeve—you'll make a mess! Just in time for Valentine's Day, here are 11 scientific facts about your ticker.

Brain Game: Math Square #157

Sandy Wood

Morning Cup of Links: The Chinese Zodiac

Miss Cellania

9 Little Translation Mistakes That Caused Big Problems

Arika Okrent

Knowing how to speak two languages is not the same thing as knowing how to translate.

11 Words and Phrases Popularized by Teddy Roosevelt

Mark Mancini

Contrary to his well-known slogan “speak softly and carry a big stick,” Theodore Roosevelt was hardly one to speak softly.

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Jason English