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The Late Movies: Guess the Theme 87

Mark Arminio

Trailer Tuesday: Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger

Stacy Conradt

How 5 Other Countries Approach Childbirth

Amanda Green

America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and the domicile of broke parents. With or without insurance, the U.S. is the most expensive place to give birth in the world.

10 Red, White, and Blue Treats for Independence Day

Miss Cellania

The Cast of Teen Witch, 24 Years Later

Stacy Conradt

I remain steadfast and resolute in my belief that the “Top That” scene from Teen Witch is one of the best cinematic moments of all time.

Popping Water Balloons in Space

Chris Higgins

A Brief History of the 1947 Chocolate Candy Bar Strike

Rob Lammle

The year was 1947. World War II had come to an end, and nations across the globe were rebuilding.

Mabel Stark: The Lady with the Tigers

Miss Cellania

What is Gaslighting?

The Week

The term itself was popularized by the 1944 film Gaslight, an adaptation of the 1939 play Angel Street.

Morning Cup of Links: Dr. Seuss's Hats

Miss Cellania

Frederick Starr: Anthropologist Lost from the History Books

Kaitlyn Boettcher

18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply

Arika Okrent

Geologists Anne Jefferson and Chris Rowan created the Tumblr "Ten Hundred Words of Science" to collect examples of scientific text rendered into up-goer five speak.

6 Crazy Things You Can Make with 3D Printers

Matt M. Casey

"Printing" technology has quietly evolved over the past few decades to allow users to create—on demand, from files—everything from gun parts to DNA.

Retrobituaries: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Magie, Inventor of Monopoly

David W Brown

In 1904, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Magie designed a board game to demonstrate the tragic effects of land-grabbing.

Folding Space-Time Using a Music Box

Chris Higgins