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Where Does the Phrase “To Turn the Tables” Come From?

Will McGough

According the Oxford English Dictionary, if you “turn the tables” on someone, it is generally understood that you have reversed the fortunes in your favor to some capacity, so as to “reverse one’s pos

11 Leif Erikson Facts for Leif Erikson Day

Kate Erbland

While most people associate Italian explorer Christopher Columbus with the discovery of the giant landmass that we know today as North America, it’s long been believed that it was actually Vikings who

12 R.L. Stine Quotes for His Birthday

Erin McCarthy

You would never know from his books that Goosebumps and Fear Street author R.L. Stine used to write joke books for kids under the name Jovial Bob Stine.

The Missing Links: Green Screen In A Starring Role

Colin Patrick

9 Gross and Gruesome Goodies for Your Halloween Party

Miss Cellania

Fun with The Great Language Game

Arika Okrent

If you like languages, you’ll love The Great Language Game.

7 Schools That Dropped Their Native American Nicknames

Lucas Reilly

Over the past three decades, 28 high schools nicknamed “Redskins” have ushered in a new mascot. The last college with the moniker dropped it over a decade ago.

10 Things You Might Not Know About the Nobel Prize

Amanda Green

There's no red carpet or twerking involved, but it's an exciting time: Nobel Prizes are being announced this week. Who knows? Maybe you almost won.

What’s the Origin of “Chinese Fire Drills"?

Matt Soniak

World War I Centennial: Ford Introduces Assembly Line

Erik Sass

6 Weird Halloween Patents

Erin McCarthy

Since at least the early 1900s, inventors have been trying to make Halloween even scarier through technology.

Meet the Beer Fridge That Opens Only for Canadians

Lucas Reilly

Next time you backpack Europe, it may be a good idea to take along your closest Canadian friend. You just might end up with all the free beer you’d ever want.

The Missing Links: Explaining Dino Erotica

Colin Patrick

ABSOLUT Merges Art, Tech and Fashion in TRANSFORM TODAY Collaboration (Sponsored)

In a call to all daring spirits to embrace transformation, ABSOLUT has partnered with four experiential artists from a range of creative disciplines.

Strange States: Delaware's Many Shipwrecks

Rob Lammle