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10 Famous Psychological Experiments That Could Never Happen Today

Meredith Danko

The standards for psych experiments weren't always so strict, which is how some of the most famous studies came about.

The Very First Coupons

Mark Ellwood

Mark Ellwood is the author of Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World.

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 119

Mark Arminio

It's Complicated: 5 Puzzling International Borders

Haley Sweetland Edwards

Most of us think of international borders as invisible, but clear-cut, lines: stand on one side, and you’re in one country; stand on the other, you’re in another country.

Watch Australians Explain How to Do an Australian Accent

Arika Okrent

8 Times Fans Mailed Items to Studios to Save Their Shows

Stacy Conradt

Dedicated TV fans will go above and beyond mere letter-writing to save the shows they love. We've already covered a few shows that fans staged mail-ins to save; here are a few more.

The 27th Amendment's 200-Year Wait

Kelly Carroll

The 27th and final amendment to the U.S.

This Beer Was Brewed Using Yeast Grown in a Beard

Meghan Holohan

A new strain of yeast being used by Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon, came from a mostly unlikely place—the master brewer’s beard.

10 Cats Who Live at the Library

Miss Cellania

A library can operate without a cat, but a library with a cat is special.

How to Be Popular: 5 Helpful Films From the 1940s and '50s

Therese Oneill

In decades past, short films were used in classrooms to show young people how to get along in society. Here we look at mid-century ideals of How To Be Popular.

The History of the Trapper Keeper

Erin McCarthy

Until now, the full story of the Trapper Keeper had only been told in a marketing textbook. Here's how your favorite school supply became an icon.

Who Is Dalton Trumbo? 5 Facts About Bryan Cranston's Next Role

Ethan Trex

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has signed on to play blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. That might not be familiar to everyone, but if you like classic movies, you probably know his work.

If You Fell Into a Volcano, How Would You Die?

Matt Soniak

Reader Erica writes in to ask, “If you fell into a volcano, how would you die? Would you sink and drown in the lava or get burned to death on the surface before you could go under?”

Morning Cup of Links: Let's Talk Like Pirates! Arr!

Miss Cellania

17 Swashbuckling Facts About Talk Like A Pirate Day

Mark Mancini

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Let’s hoist the Jolly Roger, break out the rum, and look back at the holiday’s timber-shivering history.