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Genius E-Ink Parking Signs Change Based on the Day

Shaunacy Ferro

Sydney adopts dynamic parking signs that look like e-book screens.

Young Architect Makes Office Out of Empty Beer Bottles

Rebecca OConnell

This home took 8500 beer bottles, four months of work, and approximately $11,000.

The Significance Behind 6 Ancient Egyptian Tomb Staples

Hannah Keyser

Take a look at the religious and cultural meaning behind the art and artifacts of ancient Egyptian tombs.

The Missing Links: The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Colin Patrick

Meet the Chainsaw Environmentalist

Colleen Kimmett

When illegal palm trees are planted in protected Indonesian forest, Rudi Putra grabs a chainsaw.

This New Sport Combines Football and Bowling

Hannah Keyser

Introducing fowling.

15 Things You Might Not Know About the Washington Monument

Michael Arbeiter

Although the towering tribute to our first president is a ubiquitous patriotic icon, there might be a few facts you haven’t heard about its days under construction.

NASA Releases a New Blue Marble

Shaunacy Ferro

An image taken from a million miles away rivals the iconic 1972 image taken by Apollo 17 astronauts in clarity.

Build Your Very Own Mini DeLorean With Soda Cans

Caitlin Schneider

When this baby hits 88 mph, who knows what will happen.

Study Finds Experts Overestimate Their Knowledge

Shaunacy Ferro

People who considered themselves experts in a subject were more likely to profess knowledge of fake facts.

6 Responses to Sneezes From Around the World

Shaunacy Ferro

Go beyond “Gesundheit!"

Confused Baby Seal Rescued From Group of Cows

Rebecca OConnell

After a seal pup got separated from her mother, she starting hanging with the wrong crowd.

Forever 21 Will Recreate Your Instagrams Using 6400 Wooden Spools

Rebecca OConnell

Is your selfie too good to be stuck within the confines of your phone? Let Forever 21 transfer it to a giant billboard—made from spools of thread.

New World Champ of French Scrabble Doesn’t Speak Any French

Arika Okrent

Can Fish Taste?

Shaunacy Ferro

Yes, and not just with their tongues.