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The Original Locations of 30 Famous Food Chains

Alex Watt

Ever wonder where your favorite fast food chain first popped up? Look no further.

Japanese Man Grows Star Wars Art In Paddy Field

Mental Floss UK

The team’s inspiration for one particular paddy came from a galaxy far, far away.

An Animated Look at Wind Turbines

Rebecca OConnell

This handy graphic breaks down how wind is converted into the electricity that powers our homes.

These Gelatinous Blobs Clone Themselves—and Fight Climate Change

Hannah Keyser

Sea salps are washing up on shores around the East Coast. Take a look at these incredible animals.

5 Questions: So Long, "Sucker"

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Pop Culture Syllabus: Diners

the mag

The classic American diner has inspired a great many works of art over the years.

4 Future Gadgets That Could Alert You to Spoiled Food

Shaunacy Ferro

Say goodbye to sniffing sour milk.

Foundations of a Potentially Record-Breaking Building Being Used as Fish Farms

Caitlin Schneider

The Sky City tower in Changsha, China was set to be the tallest building in the world. Two years after construction began, it's being repurposed as a fish farm.

Richard Francis Burton: The Englishman Who Went to Mecca and East Africa

the mag

More than a century before Indiana Jones first cracked his whip, Sir Richard Francis Burton had already mastered the daring art of scholarly adventure.

This Placemat Hides Your Phone So You Have to Focus on Your Dinner Companions

Shaunacy Ferro

For when just putting it away is too hard.

8 Commercials Directed by Martin Scorsese

Rudie Obias

Martin Scorsese might be best known for his gritty crime dramas and two- to four-hour-long films, he also occasionally dabbles in making short-form commercials.

Strange States: Tennessee’s Daily Duck March

Rob Lammle

A Visual History of How Batman Movies Have Changed Since the 1940s

Shaunacy Ferro

A supercut of Batman films from 1943 to today.

1966's Insane Wedding Gowns of the Future

Hannah Keyser

Wedding dresses have come a long way since this video was made. But, thankfully, not nearly as far as the makers of these looks imagined.

11 Super Great Facts About ‘Superbad’

Tara Aquino

On the surface, it’s the ultimate bromance. But dig a little deeper and the already-classic high school flick’s themes are much more universal.