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8 Commercials Directed by Martin Scorsese

Rudie Obias

Martin Scorsese might be best known for his gritty crime dramas and two- to four-hour-long films, he also occasionally dabbles in making short-form commercials.

Strange States: Tennessee’s Daily Duck March

Rob Lammle

A Visual History of How Batman Movies Have Changed Since the 1940s

Shaunacy Ferro

A supercut of Batman films from 1943 to today.

1966's Insane Wedding Gowns of the Future

Hannah Keyser

Wedding dresses have come a long way since this video was made. But, thankfully, not nearly as far as the makers of these looks imagined.

11 Super Great Facts About ‘Superbad’

Tara Aquino

On the surface, it’s the ultimate bromance. But dig a little deeper and the already-classic high school flick’s themes are much more universal.

NASA's Kepler Mission Finds Earth's Distant Cousin

Rebecca OConnell

We can think of Kepler-452b as an older, bigger cousin to Earth.

How the Monstars Could Have Beat Tune Squad in 'Space Jam'

Nick Greene

With rumors floating around of a Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James, the Monstars would be well served to approach this second opportunity with smarter planning.

Riding Off Into the (Florida) Sunset: America's First Cowboys

Darlena Cunha

Long before settlers reached the Wild, Wild West, another brand of cowboy was mucking it up in Florida's swamps.

Pick the First 20 States to Achieve Statehood (Without Missing)

Take the quiz!

13 Fun Facts About Wawa

Erin McCarthy

A new study has confirmed what frequent visitors to convenience stores already knew: Wawa is the best.

12 Amazing Facts About the Swan Upping

Gillian Finklea

Did you know the Queen of England owns all the unclaimed mute swans in all of Britain? Well, she does, and she makes sure to count them every third week in July.

The Missing Links: Ever Heard of These Albums?

Colin Patrick

The missing links.

8 Niche Blogs to Liven Your Day

Miss Cellania

They're strange, they're different, they are one-subject blogs you should see.

Lonely People Have Social Skills, They're Just Too Anxious to Use Them

Shaunacy Ferro

A new psychology study finds that performance anxiety hinders lonely people's social interactions.

The Inspiration Behind "Dude Looks Like a Lady"

Stacy Conradt

Motley Crue had something to do with it. But probably not for the reason you've heard.