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Top 10 Viral Hits of the Pre-Civil War Years

Arika Okrent

An analysis of 1.6 billion words from 41,829 issues of 132 newspapers in the period covering 1830 to 1860 uncovered these top 10 viral hits of the pre-Civil War era.

The 25 Most Powerful Websites

the mag

These sites changed what we eat, how we vote, and the ways we kill time at the office.

5 Places That Are Still On Fire

Miss Cellania

The Missing Links: The Facial Hair Champs

Colin Patrick

Grave Sightings: Herman "Ed" Hollis, Gangster Hunter

Stacy Conradt

After realizing that there are a lot of taphophiles (cemetery and/or tombstone enthusiasts) out there, I’m finally putting my archive of interesting tombstones to good use.

12 Wonderful Pieces of Jim Henson Fan Art

Jill Harness

In honor of what would have been the creator’s 77th birthday, here are some delightful artworks based on Jim Henson.

Brain Game: We're Back!

Sandy Wood

The Yeti, John Green, and PBS Go On the Road

Chris Higgins

Did Calling Junk Email "Spam" Hurt SPAM Sales?

the mag

Hormel Foods introduced SPAM, a delicious portmanteau of “spiced ham,” in 1937. The use of the email term “spam,” on the other hand, is harder to trace.

Visiting New York's Secret Museum

Jason English

A few weeks ago, we discussed a secret museum hidden in a freight elevator. For our latest Fiesta Movement mission, we headed down for a visit.

Morning Cup of Links: Growing up with BatDad

Miss Cellania

The Time Lil BUB Edited an Issue of mental_floss

Erin McCarthy

When it came time to edit our 25 Most Powerful Websites issue, we wanted some help from an expert. So we called in the big guns: Internet famous cat Lil BUB.

The Late Movies: Covering the Boss

Erin McCarthy

5 Great Skincare Tips (From 100 Years Ago)

The Week Therese Oneill

Hope you stocked up on acetate of lead!

The Missing Links: When It's OK to Spit on the Bride

Colin Patrick