18 Disney Movies That Were Never Made

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In an alternate universe, kids are repeatedly watching Louis the Bear and Reynard.

Alfred Kinsey's Massive Gall Wasp Collection

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Movie Trivia Questions of Escalating Difficulty

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Take a Look Inside a Vertical Farm

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What's Happening When We Hear the Voice in Our Head?

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5 Promising Male Birth Control Methods

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Why is 'Seinfeld' So Hard to Translate?

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Watch a Group of Ants Take Down a Huge Millipede

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The Swedish Tax Agent Who Has Aggregated the Best Music of All Time

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Henrik Franzon has ranked the best 1,000 artists, 3,000 albums, and 6,000 songs of all time.

12 Nosy Facts About 'Chinatown'

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Amazing Images of NASA Launching Balloons to Study Electron Rain

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Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Balloons Are Made

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Tomato, Tomahto: It's All the Same at the World's Largest Organized Food Fight

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The Missing Links: Marilyn's Time in the Psych Ward

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1894 Time Capsule Contains Intact Bottle of Whisky

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Whoever put together this time capsule had their priortities in order.