Cats Helped Drive Some Early Dogs in North America to Extinction

Mark Mancini

A recent study offers cat lovers some new ammunition in the "cat vs. dog" superiority debate.

Name States by Their Last 3 Letters

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People Think Food Labeled "Organic" Tastes Better—Even If The Label Is Fake

Hannah Keyser

A new study has found that people think the same food tastes better when it's labeled as ethically sourced.

How Tea Parties Got Their Start—and How to Hold One Like a Victorian

Bess Lovejoy

Everyone knows to never use red cloth at any party unless royalty is present. Right?

The Gruesome Assassination of Leon Trotsky

Erin Blakemore

How a one-time Soviet hero ended up buried in his backyard in Mexico.

Is Everything I Read in the Dictionary True?

Amanda Green the mag

Morning Cup of Links: Hawaii’s Cat Island

Miss Cellania

15 of the Coolest Clique Names in Pop Culture

Angela Tung

While not every school has cliques, nearly all of them in pop culture seem to.

Turn Any Photo Into an Emoji Mosaic

Rebecca OConnell

Your New Morning Brew: Beer Jelly

Hannah Keyser

Thanks to a new spread, you can indulge without being judged by your breakfast companions.

5 Questions: (RIP) Yvonne Craig

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7 Bygone Practices That Made Going Back to School Even Scarier

AJ Jacobs the mag

Modern detention is nothing compared to kneeling on peas.

Designer Creates Tableware to Help People With Dementia

Caitlin Schneider

Sha Yao was inspired by grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's disease to create something that helped patients eat with ease and dignity.

Eiffel Tower Shape on the Sun Spotted by Photographer

Michele Debczak

It was large enough to incinerate Paris—and the rest of Earth.

5 Nostalgic Throwback Apps To Dumb Down Your Smartphone

Andrew LaSane

Because sometimes you'd rather play Tamagotchi or Snake instead of Candy Crush.