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Morning Cup of Links
A super-skimmable daily digest filled with crazy, fun stories.


Being a Stop-Motion Animation Costume Designer Is All About The Details

Anna Green

Academy Originals goes behind the scenes with professional stop-motion costume designer Deborah Cook.

New Zealand Artist to Bring "Tattoo" Skills to Children's Hospital Patients

Andrew LaSane

They totally look like the real thing.

Relive 'Mad Max' With This Fire-Breathing Guitar

Rebecca OConnell

Please, don't try this at home.

13 Poke-Easy Regional Idioms to Describe Lazy People

Angela Tung

Even if you’re feeling lazy, your vocabulary doesn’t have to be. These regional idioms describe the idle, indifferent, and lackadaisical.

Morning Cup of Links: Baby Beaver Rescue

Miss Cellania

Great links to start a great day!

12 Long-Spanning Facts About the George Washington Bridge

Benjamin Lampkin

When it opened, people hated the name.

Why Reading Makes You a Better Person

Kirstin Fawcett

Want to become a the best version of yourself? Try picking up a book.

11 More Pop Culture Coloring Books

Alvin Ward

Something to color in between commercial breaks.

Watch a Giant Mechanical Squid Strut Its Stuff

Shaunacy Ferro

Mechateuthis can move its tentacles and mantle as well as dilate its eyes.

7 Creative Ways to Up Your Professional Networking Game

Presented by Allstate.

Where is Old Zealand?

Nick Greene

Old Mexico is Mexico. Old York is York. But where is Old Zealand?

Virtual Reality Game Transports You to the Jurassic Period

Michele Debczak

Travel back to the year 155 million BCE.

Interactive Map Reveals Commutes Across the United States

Anna Green

How does yours stack up?

Watch the World's First Surviving Septuplets Graduate High School

Kirstin Fawcett

The McCaughey siblings have come a long way.

China To Develop a Bus That Straddles Traffic

Michele Debczak

It carries 1400 passengers while cars cruise underneath.