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New York Woman Creates Nail Art Inspired by Classic Works of Art

Rebecca OConnell

Works of art on the tips of her fingers.

Holiday Etiquette: 11 Ways to Spread Joy (and Not Be a Jerk) This Season

Sarah Grossbart

Here's how to secure your spot on the "Nice" list.

21 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Mall Santas

Jessica Hullinger

Rule number one: Always stay in character.

Inside the '80s-tastic Seiko Executive Talking Egg

Chris Higgins

Pull the string, listen to the scratchy recording!

11 Poetic Facts about Emily Dickinson

Suzanne Raga

She was never published under her own name in her lifetime.

You Need to See This Weekend's Best Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

Amazon's 12 Days of Deals continue with some weekend steals.

14 Blockheaded Facts About 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

Jake Rossen

Charles Schulz thought it was a "disaster." CBS hated it. But it's the most beloved Christmas special of all time. Nice work, Charlie Brown.

Behind the Scenes With a Storm-Chasing Photographer

Shaunacy Ferro

A lake in Venezuela sees 1.2 million lightning strikes every year, and Jonas Piontek is there to capture them.

Watch: The Most Famous Teapot in Computing History

Chris Higgins

Even if you don't recognize this teapot, you've probably seen it.

When Political Signs Become Art: Monument to the Unelected

Stacy Conradt

Though a collection of 59 political signs in one yard may look like it belongs to the neighbor from hell, this is actually art.

9 Cool, Weird, and Wacky Wine Varieties

Kirstin Fawcett

From wine made from rose petals to beer/wine hybrids, there's a vintage out there for every adventurous drinker.

Need More Nerdy GIFs? NASA’s Got You Covered

Kate Horowitz

The space agency has just launched its own pages on Giphy and Pinterest.

See 500-Year-Old Miniature Boxwood Carvings in Toronto

Shaunacy Ferro

Some of these tiny, intricate religious scenes have never been on display in North America before.

Uber Releases a List of Behaviors That Could Get You Banned

Michele Debczak

Most of these are common sense.