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Can You See These Freaky Dot Patterns?

Chris Higgins

"Human eyes cannot help [but] connect the dots." -Tadashi Tokieda

Watch This Fast-Paced History of Japan

Anna Green

This is the ultimate video for anyone cramming for a History of Japan final exam.

Skier Uses a Sling and an iPhone to Create a 360 Video

Rebecca OConnell

Skier Nicolas Vuignier spent about two years experimenting with technology in order to create the video.

The Time Pink Floyd Posed for a Teenybop Magazine Spread

Nick Keppler

The editors of Jackie had never heard a Pink Floyd record because there wasn’t one when the pictures were snapped.

Sally Ride Interviewed By Gloria Steinem in 1983

Chris Higgins

"Everybody wanted to know about what kind of makeup I was taking up. They didn’t care about how well-prepared I was to operate the arm or deploy communications satellites." -Sally Ride

10 Mind-Blowing Facts About ‘Scanners’

Tara Aquino

David Cronenberg’s sci-fi classic is turning 35.

This High School Student Has Created a Device to Help Parkinson's Patients

Caitlin Schneider

What started as a science fair project is now a Kickstarter-funded product.

25 Things You Should Know About Rochester

Mark Mancini

Learn more about the Flower City. (Or is it the Flour City?)

What Is El Niño, and Why Does It Have Such a Big Impact?

Dennis Mersereau

Everything is connected.

12 Magical Facts About 'Peter Pan'

Stacy Conradt

It may be officially old enough to retire, but Walt Disney’s Peter Pan has never grown up.

What If Rickrolling Is Just Karmic Retribution For Rick Astley Not Getting To Celebrate His One Major Award?

Erika Berlin

Happy 50th birthday, Rick Astley!

Valentine’s Day Cards for Chemistry Geeks

Shaunacy Ferro

Won't you be amine?

The First U.S.-Minted Penny Was Horrific

Chris Higgins

Lincoln's mug has nothing on this.

The World's Most Accurate Clock Has No Hands

Bess Lovejoy

You can thank this thing for your GPS.

This Fun Supercut Imagines Movies Ending at Their Title Drop

Andrew LaSane

When a character says the name of the film, it's time to roll the credits.