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8 Rejected Ideas for Movie Sequels

Rudie Obias

Had things worked out differently, Indiana Jones would have been killed and Jessica Rabbit would have been captured by a Nazi spy.

What Is the Difference Between a King and an Emperor?

A regal answer from our friends at Quora.

Reflective Collars Help Drivers Spot India's Stray Animals at Night

Michele Debczak

One organization has already outfitted 300 animals with the "magic collars."

Discover the Science Behind Your Cat’s Weird Ways

Caitlin Schneider

Your fluffy friend is acting like the wild animal he or she is.

15 Amazing Facts About 15 Birds

Anna Green

In honor of Bird Day, here are a flutter of facts about everything from brilliantly colored hummingbirds to farting thrushes.

How Do Cicadas Make So Much Noise?

Anna Green

In a short video, wildlife filmmaker and photographer Sandesh Kadur explains exactly how, and why, cicadas make so much noise.

Watch This Single Propeller Drone Fly Awkwardly in Circles

Andrew LaSane

This controllable drone somehow finds balance in its unconventional design.

5 Questions: Still Touting the Tartan

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French Artist Cuts Paper Into Incredibly Detailed Art Pieces

Rebecca OConnell

Some of the most detailed papercraft we've seen.

6 Words You Probably Didn't Know Came From Sports

Simon Davis

Sports journalist and former baseball player Josh Chetwynd has compiled what appears to be an exhaustive collection in his new book The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors: A Compendium of Competitive Wor

Enjoy Your Morning Brew in a Goat-Horn-Shaped Coffee Mug

Kirstin Fawcett

If you're the type who bleats if you don't get enough caffeine, this one's for you.

10 'Star Wars' Toys You Might Own That Are Now Worth a Fortune

Andrew LaSane

You might want to check your attic.

What is Tram Bowling? Watch for Yourself

Shaunacy Ferro

Every year, tram drivers come from around Europe to compete in various challenges.

Street Artists Set to Take Over Coney Island This Summer

Andrew LaSane

The outdoor street art museum returns with over 20 new murals painted by street artists from all over the world.

Amsterdam Is Appointing the World's First Bike Mayor

Michele Debczak

A no-brainer for a city where bikes outnumber people.