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7 Delightful Dickensian Words

Arika Okrent

Bryan Kozlowski, author of What the Dickens?!: Distinctly Dickensian Words and How to Use Them, has collected 200 words used by Dickens, some of them drawn from the life around him, some of his own in

A New Alfred Hitchcock-Inspired TV Show is In the Works

Kirstin Fawcett

The anthology series will be called 'Welcome to Hitchcock.'

Pick the 2010 Movie by Its Cast

Take the quiz!

Thai Developer Transforms Urban Spaces Into Unconventional Football Fields

Michele Debczak

Instead of fighting the space limitation, this team of designers decided to embrace it.

Tune In Live Tomorrow Morning as Rosetta Lands—or Crashes—on a Comet

David W Brown

Well, maybe. The thing is, we'll never know Rosetta's fate.

Dogs Learn to Ignore Bad Instructions Faster Than Humans

Anna Green

When it comes to distinguishing useful instructions from pointless ones, dogs are faster learners than human children.

9 Things You Might Not Know About Folgers

Jake Rossen

The Folgers family was name-dropped in "Moby-Dick."

#FieldWorkScares Showcases Science’s Terrifying Side

Kate Horowitz

Scientists are sharing their worst “oh god, I’m going to die tonight” moments from the field on Twitter.

Your Dog's Interest in You Might Be Genetic

Kate Horowitz

Beagles who sought out human interaction in a laboratory study showed more activation in certain genomic regions.

What Does 'Healthy' Mean to You? The FDA Wants to Know

Jake Rossen

And they want your advice.

Who's the Chattiest Supporting Character on 'The Simpsons'?

Jake Rossen

Mr. Burns is an airtime hog. Excellent.

Man Makes Adorable Tiny Pancakes for Adorable Tiny Kitten

Shaunacy Ferro

When his girlfriend went out of town, Chase Stout had brunch with their kitten, Mr. Wilson.

5 Ways to Zap Your Stress About Money

Danielle Braff

Squash your money woes and get yourself on financial track.

Sweat Equity: How Tae Bo Conquered the Fitness World

Jake Rossen

Billy Blanks wanted to call it Karobics, but the name was already taken.

Study Highlights Why Some Gut Probiotics Are More Effective Than Others

Shaunacy Ferro

Selecting the right bacterial strain for the gut environment can make a major difference in whether or not the probiotic can make an impact on the microbiome.