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Morning Cup of Links: 'Rocky' at 40

Miss Cellania

Starting another week of great morning links!

9 Incredible Things You Can Only See in Northern Canada

Suzanne Raga

Including an igloo cathedral.

Crying When We're Happy May Help Us Regulate Our Emotions

Kirstin Fawcett

Some good news for those of us who sob during cheesy commercials.

Environmental Groups Use Dogs to Sniff Out Poop-y Pollution in New Jersey

Shaunacy Ferro

The dogs are helping the city of Fair Haven, New Jersey find where human waste is leaking into the waterways.

America's Oldest Mall Now Houses Micro-Apartments

Chris Higgins

...And the waiting list to get one is a mile long.

A Nicktoons-Inspired Art Show Is Coming to Austin, Texas

Michele Debczak

SpongeBob, Rocko, and Ren & Stimpy all make appearances.

11 Flightless Facts About Kiwis

Shaunacy Ferro

The bird, not the fruit.

Watch: 'Creating Your Success With Posture And Personality,' 1949

Chris Higgins

"Jack may be an A student, but his personality and poise would be improved if his posture were not so lopsided."

The People Behind 15 Fast Food Names

Rebecca OConnell

Ever wonder who is behind the names of your favorite fast food joints?

Amazon's Best Cyber Week Deals You Can Still Get

Smart Shopping Team

All the best bargains you can still grab from Amazon's holiday blitz.

10 Heartwarming Facts About ‘Miracle on 34th Street’

Tara Aquino

Nearly 70 years after its premiere, the holiday classic can still make a believer out of anyone.

Mmm, Cookies!

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Showtime Launches New Line of 'Twin Peaks'-Inspired Gear

Kirstin Fawcett

Some of the items feature artwork by the show's co-creator, David Lynch.

Watch: Final Match, 2016 Classic Tetris World Championship

Chris Higgins

Two players do battle on original Nintendo hardware, in front of a massive live audience.