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The Necromancer Roger Bolingbroke and the Plot to Kill King Henry VI

Claire Cock-Starkey

Back in the 15th century, being an astrologer was a dangerous business.

Humans Feasted on Horses and Sloths in Argentina 14,000 Years Ago

Megan Gannon

The bones might help scientists reconstruct the bigger picture of how the first humans migrated through South America.

Need to Register to Vote in Houston? Look for a Taco Truck

Shaunacy Ferro


Could a Fungus Cause Crohn’s Disease?

Kate Horowitz

A small study found unique fungal-bacterial relationships in the guts of people with Crohn’s.

Why Do Alligators Fall Asleep if You Rub Their Bellies?

Maggie Malach

Don't try this at home.

Try Not to Get Fired in This Mobile Game of Work-Life Balance

Shaunacy Ferro

A Korean video game turns tough working conditions into a horrifyingly difficult pixelated challenge.

10 of the World’s Rarest Gemstones

Claire Cock-Starkey

Some of these stones are so incredibly rare their value outstrips many of the world's most valuable precious gems.

The Type of Account You Choose Matters When Saving for College

Michele Debczak

Using a basic savings account can end up being a costly mistake.

The Americas Have Officially Been Declared Measles-Free

Kirstin Fawcett

The last case of endemic measles was in 2002.

You Need to See Wednesday's Best Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, September 28.

10 Big-Mouthed Facts About Basking Sharks

Mark Mancini

The second-largest living fish is a gentle giant with some peculiar habits and a knack for instigating cryptozoological debates.

New Tiny Speakers Let You Play Music Through Pugs and Unicorns

Rebecca OConnell

It's not a party until you break out a miniature panda speaker.

RIP: BlackBerry Will No Longer Make New Phones

Anna Green

Like rotary dials, landlines, and flip phones, the once-beloved brand of smartphone has become a technological relic.

Scientists Bioengineer Arteries That Could Potentially Grow Inside the Body

Kate Horowitz

Implanted in lambs, the artificial blood vessels fared incredibly well—and they didn't trigger an immune response.

What Long-Dead Bees Can Tell Us About Our Ancestors

Kate Horowitz

The presence and contents of a fossilized nest suggest that Australopithecus africanus lived in a dry, savannah-like environment.