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Artist Designs LEGO Models That Create Shadow Designs When They Spin

Rebecca OConnell

Almost as impressive as Peter Pan's shadow.

Morning Cup of Links: Tattoo Repairs

Miss Cellania

Links to get your morning going right!

10 Amazing Dog Parks

Miss Cellania

Your dog will thank you for a lovely day at one of these parks.

Traveling Soon? Here's Which Plug You Should Pack

Kirstin Fawcett

Don't get stranded in a foreign country with wet hair or a dead phone.

Commemorate Your Favorite Concert With a Custom Doormat

Anna Green

Lakeside Photoworks will convert your favorite ticket stub into doorstep art.

An Axe-Throwing Range Is Coming to Chicago

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s BYOB.

11 Ways Your Online Data Is Being Used Right Now

Presented by Adam Ruins Everything.

Sea Snakes May Surf Thousands of Miles on Ocean Waves

Anna Green

The yellow-bellied sea snake may be capable of traveling great distances by drifting along ocean currents.

New Technology Uncovers Hidden Pictures in ‘Blank’ 16th-Century Book

Kate Horowitz

Hyperspectral scans of seemingly empty pages revealed stories and characters never before seen in Mixtec manuscripts.

Auction House to Sell Angry Bonnie & Clyde Letter

Kirstin Fawcett

The note was written to Raymond Hamilton, a former member of their gang.

The Kind-hearted Chaos of NYC’s Only Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Kate Horowitz

The Wild Bird Fund cares for thousands of avian patients every year.

Oxford Dictionaries Wants to Know the Worst Word in the English Language

Shaunacy Ferro

Is it moist? It’s probably moist.

Visit This Ghost Town on a Southwestern Utah Road Trip

Stephanie Vermillion

While Silver Reef is all ruins, no riches today, its crumbling rock walls hold an interesting history for visitors who take the time to stop by.

Chicago’s Midway Airport Now Has a Bathroom Just for Pets

Shaunacy Ferro

Airports are now required to have pet relief areas, making doggie pit stops a more common sight in terminals.

10 Fun Facts About 'Beerfest'

Sean Hutchinson

Here’s everything you need to know about the movie that taught us drinking beer isn’t just something you do with friends—it’s something you dominate.