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Illuminate Your Facial Hair With Beard Lights

Rebecca OConnell

Even better than beard ornaments.

WWI Centennial: Fall of Bucharest, Lloyd George to PM

Erik Sass

Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened. This is the 259th installment in the series.

Meet Salto, the Animal-Inspired Robot with Superior Jumping Abilities

Kirstin Fawcett

Salto can reportedly jump higher and faster than any other 'bot on the market.

13 Tips for Wrapping the Perfect Present

Erin McCarthy

Put the present in presentation.

IKEA Plans to Offer Extended Paid Leave to All New Parents

Michele Debczak

Part-time and full-time workers will be covered under the policy.

What Does 'Ms.' Stand For?

Arika Okrent

The title was made up as a way to avoid commenting on the marital status of a woman.

Get Amazon's Great LEGO Star Wars Deals, No Force Required

Smart Shopping Team

Whether you're a LEGO Star Wars builder or have one on your holiday shopping list, Amazon is running a deal you need to see.

The South’s First Winter Storm Explained

Dennis Mersereau

The season’s first vigorous winter storm came to life over the northern Plains at the end of November and left a trail of destruction in its wake.

11 Thoughtful Gifts That Give Back

Michele Debczak

Don't forget the true reason for the season.

California Town Drops a Piano Every Year Just for Fun

Jake Rossen

The Great Piano Drop is held in Winters, California each year, right after someone sings Patsy Cline's "I Fall to Pieces."

Missing Just One to Two Hours of Sleep Doubles Your Risk of Car Crash

Kirstin Fawcett

Scarily, 35 percent of American adults sleep less than seven hours daily.

Amazon's 12 Days of Deals Keep Coming on Wednesday

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

Crocheted Coral Reefs Raise Awareness of Real Reefs' Destruction

Jennifer Billock

Sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim started the Crochet Coral Reef project in 2005 when they learned pollution and global warming may soon completely destroy the Great Barrier Reef in their home c

10 Filmmaking Lessons from Kim Jong-Il

Luke Bather

"Each scene must be dramatic."

Bring the Smell of KFC Home With This Fried Chicken-Scented Candle

Michele Debczak

For nights when getting takeout feels like too much of an effort.