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Morning Cup of Links


A History of the Food Court

Leigh Raper

In the days before Wi-Fi or Snapchat, social networking was done in person, at the mall, with an Orange Julius or a Hot Dog On A Stick in hand.

The Feathers on This Jacket Mimic a Bird's Navigational System

Andrew LaSane

The jacket features tech that mimics the navigational system of migrating birds.

10 Wrinkly Facts About the Shar-Pei

Rebecca OConnell

This dog is one of a kind, and has an interesting history to match.

The Grammar of 'Top Chef': What’s With 'It Eats Salty'?

Arika Okrent

A new linguistic trend has been spotted on the culinary reality show.

What Do Flight Attendants Eat?

Jess Simpson

The responses run the gamut from pot-luck dinners in the galley to crafty tips for creating culinary masterpieces via hotel room coffeemakers.

12 Royal Facts About ‘Roman Holiday’

Eric D Snider

The not-quite-romantic comedy introduced the world to Audrey Hepburn—and to Vespa scooters.

Why Isn't 100 Percent Humidity Always Rain?

Rebecca OConnell

Wouldn't the air just be pure water?

You Can Program This Open-Source Furby to Do or Say Anything

Michele Debczak

In case Furbies weren't terrifying enough.

Here's Why We Have Seasons (and Why They Make No Sense)

Caitlin Schneider

Why does the coldest part of the year begin before the official start of the winter season?

4 Money Perks You Might Be Missing at Work

Kate Rockwood

Take a closer look at your benefits package.

Watch the Beauty and Chaos of the World's Largest Snowball Fight

Anna Green

Prepare to feel envious.

Converse Drops Warhol-Themed Sneakers That Glow in the Dark

Andrew LaSane

A cool new collection made in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation.

These Oscar Cookies Are as Great as the Movies That Inspired Them

Rebecca OConnell

Now Leo can bite the bear back.

10 Durable Facts About Duct Tape

Michele Debczak

Its potential extends far beyond home repairs.

40 Fantastic F-Words To Further Your Vocabulary

Paul Anthony Jones

Keep these in mind if you're flexiloquent.