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What 10 Previous Olympic Venues Look Like Today

Andrew LaSane

What happens to Olympic stadiums and venues once the games are over?

Why Do We Laugh?

Autumn Spanne

Scientists don’t yet know all the reasons why so many different things cause us to laugh. But we do know laughter helps us to get along with each other.

Spike Lee and Moleskine Unite For 'She's Gotta Have It' Notebooks

Andrew LaSane

The limited-edition collaboration celebrates the 30th anniversary of Lee's feature film debut.

Nintendo Announces Official Companion Book For the Mini NES

Rudie Obias

The hardcover book will go in-depth and explore 17 of Nintendo's classic retro titles.

How to Turn an Above-Average Performance Review Into a Raise

Michele Debczak

Most performance reviews are positive, but they don't always lead to more pay.

10 Historical First Impressions of Animals and Plants

Claire Cock-Starkey

From the "dark politicks" of cuttlefish to the "prodigious bigness" of snakes," here are 10 accounts of the first times individual explorers encountered various animals, foods

Public Art Project Uncovers the Long History of the L.A. River

Andrew LaSane

The projection of sediment levels is designed to take viewers back in time.

Look Up! The Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

David W Brown

These meteors are characterized by particularly long tails, so it should be quite a show if you can catch it.

Why Are Razor Blades So Expensive?

Mental Floss UK

There's a lot more that goes into the cost of a razor blade than just the product itself.

Australian Charity Donates Uneaten Airplane Food to People in Need

Kirstin Fawcett

The initiative reduces food waste and also helps the hungry.

10 Rules, Laws, and Theorems You Should Know

Miss Cellania

You may be familiar with Murphy’s Law and the Peter Principle, but the world is full of wisdom distilled into simple rules for understanding life, human nature, and the world around us.

Infographic: The Best High-Paying Job in Every State

Andrew LaSane

Jobs in the healthcare industry are ranked among the best and the highest paying in the country.

Retrobituary: Maria Sibylla Merian, Naturalist and Illustrator Who Changed How We See Insects

Joan MacDonald

She was among the first to depict insects interacting with the natural world.

Lockheed's New Robot Climbs on Blimps to Find Leaks

Jake Rossen

The SPIDER can find and repair tiny pinhole leaks in airships.

15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Pool Lifeguards

Jake Rossen

They're not above occasionally peeing in the pool.