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Why Do People Drink Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby?

Stacy Conradt

The drink has been a Kentucky favorite since long before Churchill Downs came into play.

Need to Save a Lighthouse from Erosion? Just Pick It Up and Move It

Caitlin Schneider

It took many years of planning, and lots of clever logistics.

7 Facts About Human Hormones and Their Functions

Jordan Rosenfeld

There's a lot more than estrogen and testosterone.

Go Behind The Scenes at the Smithsonian's Whale Warehouse

Anna Green

The Smithsonian Institution’s whale and small cetacean warehouses hold the largest collection of marine mammal specimens in the world.

How To Transform Delicious In-N-Out Burgers Into Crazy Delicious Egg Rolls

Andrew LaSane

Basically the definition of two great tastes that taste great together.

5 Questions: Bill and "Coo"

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

These Modern Aquariums Double as Works of Art

Rebecca OConnell

Finally, a home worthy of your elegant aquatic friends.

10 Extremely Valuable Author Signatures

Claire Cock-Starkey

Whose scrawl is worth the most?

These Classic Video Games Will Fetch You Big Bucks Online

Kirstin Fawcett

Don't toss your PlayStation One games just yet.

15 Corker Cricket Terms, Deciphered

Angela Tung

On May 6, 1751, the first U.S. cricket match was recorded.

Super 8 Hotels Held a Gallery Show for Its Mediocre Wall Decor

Shaunacy Ferro

The company recently remodeled 1800 of its budget hotels, and sent out its former art in style.

Try Not to Squirm While Watching This Video About Dust Mites

Alvin Ward

The humble dust mite happens to have a taste for your skin.

Cary Grant's Former Palm Springs Home Is On the Market

Anna Green

If you’ve always dreamed of living like a legendary Hollywood movie star, it’s time to place a bid on the Cary Grant Estate in Palm Springs, California.

Zapping Your Brain May Enhance Creativity

Jordan Rosenfeld

It could increase the brain's ability to make new connections across "distant" ideas.

Retrobituaries: Alaska Davidson, First Female FBI Special Agent

Suzanne Raga

She was hired in 1922, but after J. Edgar Hoover got his way, the Bureau wouldn’t see any more female special agents until the 1970s.